Why is WordPress the best solution for a website?

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Something trendy, something timeless – this expression best describes WordPress. I’ve been working for 13 years, I’ve probably worked with all the famous CMS, some of them were very popular, but now I probably won’t even remember their names.

The biggest strength of WordPress is its community. Thousands of programmers are constantly engaged in its improvement, support, development of new themes and plugins. If you’re a developer and faced with a problem, you’ll most likely find a solution on countless WordPress forums and sites. When working with other CMS, which do not have such popularity and support, you may not find answers to even very simple questions.

As a website owner, you also have many advantages. You can launch your site without any technical knowledge. If you want to change the look of the site or add specific functionality, more than 60,000 plugins and 10,000 templates are at your service. And this number is growing every day. When I decided to make my first plugin, the biggest challenge was finding a problem that didn’t already have a plugin solution (something substantial is implied).

If you have free time and motivation, you can completely do without the services of programmers. Of course, as a programmer, I do not advise this. It is better to contact professionals 🙂

Given the popularity of WordPress, it will be easy for you to find a programmer who has experience working with this system. And the cost of the works, taking into account the high competition, will be adequate.

Critics of WordPress mostly complain that it is hacked and slow. But it is not so. Almost half of all sites on the Internet run on WordPress, so if you count the number of hacked sites, it will be large. But in terms of percentage, the statistics will not be worse than in other CMS, and most likely even better. When a vulnerability is found, you will receive a system update very quickly. More often than not, users don’t follow security rules and then blame WordPress. To begin, change your password “qwerty” and login “admin” to something more reliable 🙂

As for speed, it completely depends on the number and quality of installed plugins. And, too, everything depends on the site owner. Can you say that this site is slow? 🙂 A typical case is that a person needs a simple slider on the main page, but he installs the most popular plugin, with dozens of unnecessary settings and features. And thus overloads the site with functionality that is not even used… And of course, don’t forget about quality hosting.

Serhii Kolomiitsev
Programmer, i have been working with WordPress since 2010.

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  1. Mark says:

    I agree wp is the best

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